E3 VOLLEYBALL is more than just 3 words, it’s a coaching philosophy. We believe if players are mindful about learning and growing in these areas of their game, they will have more fun and ultimately become a better volleyball player!

Volleyball should be played with passion and enthusiasm which is the type of ENERGY we want to see on the court. The expectation at our camps is that campers are loud, encouraging, giving high 5’s and having fun.

EFFORT means hard work. To embrace learning, working hard and pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable, is a true sign of a champion and a successful individual.

Ultimately our purpose is to train athletes for success on the court with proper EXECUTION! We believe in teaching the fundamentals of all skills with key words to spark a connection with learning. We also know that the best teacher is the game itself so we love getting our athletes into real scenarios and competitive match play as soon as possible.

Come for the day or stay overnight, but either way, come expecting to have a great time learning the game we love! E3 VOLLEYBALL!!


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